Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Split More Wigs Than British Parliament

Everyone has been wondering where in the blood clot Jay Electronica has been for the past 5 months. Until now.

If you think he fell off after the Mos Def debacle you are seriously mistaken. Homeboy just stepped out of the woodwork with a staff and driving gloves and basically spit the best verse I have heard in weeks.

Imaginary crime boss,
Lookin at my watch
to check how much my shine cost,

Is time lost.

...And if you don't have this one, your life is an incomplete mess:



Anonymous said...

good post

jorge said...

i missed him at RTB Miami, but i was there early enough that i dont think he showed up. can't say for sure though, didn't see em all day.

dude is a serious lyricist.

that nas salute is the one though.