Thursday, August 7, 2008

All The Kings Men

This guy cannot miss. Everything that Blu has put out in the last year has been more consistent than the Triple S every morning.

Meaningless side note: My vacation is the shit. I slid my way into a 50-person Obama fundraiser today ($500 a head) for free, ate and drank myself silly, and sat next to the love of my life. I never want to see NYC again.



polk said...

yo full clip, just gotta say i love this site. always somethin' new and fresh to listen to/check out. big ups, man, keep up the solid work...oh yeah, and go ahead and rub it in, how nice that vac is, while i sit here in the cube farm!

Anonymous said...

no disrespect yo, dont wanna be a buzzkilla but if you supports the Obama, shouldnt you have paid for that shit? and that Maggie broad needs to stand up straight! ive seen sherry baby and wished i hadnt. yo. just my opinions.

OLLIE said...

Yo, you got the wrong tags on this post Dukes.

Dukes said...

Thanks for the support Polk, I definitely appreciate it.

I hear you on the Obama shit, I knew I was going to get called out on that one. Actually it was at a gallery next to our house and we got invited by the woman who runs it. If I wasnt invited I wouldn't have snuck in.

Thanks Ollie.

Anonymous said...

fair deal. i gotcha now.

RP said...


For real, Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like a chipmunk. And she's a terrible tipper. And her grandma is a cunt.

I'm not being an asshole, I waited on her like 3 times, and all of those things are 100% accurate.

Also, I love you. Not because of your blog, but because your just so damn cute.