Friday, October 10, 2008

M.I.A. x Wale

I will let Wale's Elitaste team do the explaining on this one, since Hova just released a remix of this two days ago and it seems strange that Wale is hitting it immediately after:

So back in June of 2007 Wale met with Jay while he was still at Def Jam. On the way out of the meeting, MIA’s “Boyz” video came on TV and Jay jokingly said to Wale, “Man I should test you with that beat” as they were walking onto the elevator. He went and recorded to it the next day ... Well, with the recent success of MIA’s “Paper Planes” thanks to the Pineapple Express trailer, Interscope is re-releasing her album with “Boyz” as a single again. Interscope asked Wale to do a remix and I guess Jay-Z and Akon did ones too. Well now that Jay’s is out we thought, hey, let’s put this out with the verse Wale recorded 3 weeks ago and a brand new verse he recorded today.

Wale's version >> Jay's version



Woody said...

can you post Jay's version as well?

Dukes said...

Yo remind me via email Woody, Ill send it to you.