Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tru Blu

After reading Brandon Soderburg's rambling yet precise criticism on the current state of lyricism, I began to wonder who still remains a true lyricist in 2008. Top of the list right here. Who else do you know who hangs out in abandoned parking lots freestyling at the wall?


WordSmith said...

YES. That's what I'm talking about...Blu is a true emcee. Excellent video...pretty subtle for a magazine like XXL, but powerful in the end.

Matt said...

Blu is a true artist. His albums really ruin a lot of other new joints for me.
I think Flying Lotus is the only other album that's been released lately that I like as much as his work.

Dukes said...

I agree Josh. Surprised XXL ran something like this, which is a little too elevated for their taste. I give em credit for this one.

Dukes said...

Flying Lotus / Blu = The Future