Sunday, August 10, 2008

90s Mixtapes Yard Sale

Every single old 90s hip-hop mixtape you have ever dreamed of just happens to be sitting in a perfectly compressed file on a Mediafire server, waiting for you to open it up like it's Christmas in '92. Tony Toca, Doo Wop, Kid Capri, Red Alert, and every other DJ pre-Kay "I'm Almost As Annoying As Khaled" Slay is on here.

If you can't get it on the first site, Tony Touch's 50 MCs, in 3 discs, is probably still available through some Polish people here.


nobichob said...

not available anymore on the Polish site, but it is here:

Dukes said...

Good looks man.

Zilla Rocca said...


I was always hurting that I couldn't get all 3 "50 MC's" on CD after having the first 2 on cassette!

Good lookin, dukes! Just added you to the blogroll!

Dukes said...

Nice Zilla.

Glad to see the Ohword 2.0 cats uniting a front. We gwon run tings.