Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Clipse x Studio

On the one hand you have a few yayo-peddling Virginians, and on the other a relatively unknown experimental Swedish crew. Normally the result of this would be an ongoing argument about the literal meaning of "snow," but in this case they seem to get along just fine.

Sounds like: Miami Vice on hip-hop.



M. said...

Not really a remix, more of a mash-up - just puts the Clipse vocal over the instrumental from Studio's remix of A Mountain of One's Brown Piano. Neither Studio nor Clipse really had anything to do with it, it seems. Just saying.

Not pointed at you, but has anyone else noticed the new trend of naming things "remixes" when somebody just jumps on the front of a track and spits some bars or the other trend of artists naming things as "featuring XXX" when really they just sample a line or two from XXX's other song for the chorus/hook? Both are extremely misleading in my mind. Agree/disagree?

Dukes said...

Ya I hear you m. This is an ongoing dilemna, kind of like how everyone calls anything a freestyle these days, hence butchering the original meaning. Step in the booth on Rap City and it's a "freestyle."

Same goes with remixes but I think it's a little more flexible. Technically this is a mash-up, and my source who did it wouldn't name it a remix. I did that. Just in the naming.

It's a good question, and one I think is unanswered. I always question hip-hop remix tracks that have the same beat but add a few has always seemed weird to me that that is a remix.

M. said...

I agree with ya on all points. I can actually stomach the "remixes" that add rappers as long as it's pretty clear it's a re-do over the same beat (i.e. the artist even has a new verse). What I really dislike (although some artists spit fire on these) are the ones where it's VERY clear dude just put his voice over the track (read as: bad production/mixtape/rap city style). Oh well, I was just trying to start a dialogue, ya know?

Appreciate and like the blog - keep it up. Anyways, this Clipse/Studio track does bring up an interesting question about what would something like this really sound like if Studio or a "Balearic" group decided to do a proper remix of a rap track. Could be amazing, but who would it appeal to other than internet folks?

On the flipside, see how techno/club has infiltrated rap slowly and is making inroads (wiz khalifa, etc.), so who knows? Or is it just that the two genres were never really that far apart at least with respect to certain elements?

Dukes said...

I also want to add that the more I listen to this the mire I think it is fucking fantastic.