Sunday, April 27, 2008

Race in '08

I just saw this over at Eurok's and I had to post it. Who is the Clan Member / Art Director at Vogue right now? Fire immediately...

Believe it, it's no coincidence that a black man is running for president. Along with every other monumentally heavy issue at the forefront of concern right now (read: global warming and an ongoing war especially) we have an undeniable issue of racism in America that is in dire straights.

With the Sean Bell verdict this week we have another huge problem on our hands. Some damn good reporting and interesting facts floating around the net the past few days on this, well worth a look:

Detectives acquitted in Sean Bell case [The New York Times]
Bill Moyers interviews Jeremiah Wright [
Different Kitchen]
Mos Def speaks out against the Sean Bell verdict [
World Star Hip-Hop]
Documentary on black children choosing the white doll [
Upset The Setup]