Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jean Grae Retires

I can't believe what I'm reading. Jean Grae just announced her retirement on her MySpace page, saying that she won't be coming back at all. The above photo is the only one on the page now, and her MySpace name has been changed to "Jean Grae Saying Peace Out."

Really unbelievable, since she just signed to Kweli's label and is set to drop a few projects.
I hate to say it but I think the twisted nature of the internet & MP3s, and to degree all this hip-hop blogging, is destroying the drive of artists to try to make money, especially those in the underground. Thoughts anyone?

Regardless of your reasons Jean, you will be sorely missed.



Anonymous said...

I think you make a valid point dukes. It is a point a lot of underground rappers make in their rhymes lately. It is a conundrum that cannot be solved. Most people would not have heard of Jean Grae if there wasn't the mp3-->internet thing. People gotta work hard in these hard times.

Dukes said...

No doubt man. Im on the fence. I have taken a great deal of music in my life, but claim to have a lot of love for these artists. I have never understood the argument that a lot of internet heads have that we have some sort of "right" to download music, or that just because the music business is fucked (read: execs) we should not contribute.

Think about how Blueprint just HANDED me that album to give to you. That is probably only in hopes of getting you to see him on tour, or to head to Scribble Jam or some shit. That's hard work that's a gift, I dont know any other occupation where you have to do that.

Anyway, I made a decision not so long ago that this blog was not a handout, but a way to put people on to good music in hopes their hearts would follow.

Thanks for starting the conversation...hopefully more heads in on this one.

jerzilla said...

She's messing with us like she's done before... look at the letters across her fingers, it spells "SIKE"