Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Belhaven Meridian

^ If Jim Jarmusch made hip-hop videos.

This allegorical short film/music video for the fairly unknown Shabazz Palaces was shot in Watts, Los Angeles by Kahlil Joseph. Dope cinametography, an old reference to the 1977 film
Killer of Sheep, and a barely visible cameo from a character from The Wire, combine to make this one of the most innovative and random videos of the year. These cats are now on our radar. Think Camp Lo, Digable Planets, and Outkast, if they were on Def Jux in Watts. Props, gentlemen.


Rafi said...

fyi, it is ish from digable planets doing the rapping.

whats up dukes?

DUKES said...

Ah thanks Raf. Is this his new group?

Things are going very well in this corner of the citay. Work, woman, new apt, all good. You?

Rafi said...

from what i can tell, it's just him under a new name.

WordSmith said...

This is pretty unbelievable. A) That it's the dude from Digable Planets and B) that he's manifesting his art in this way. Some of the poetry on the Shabazz Palaces website is pretty unbelievable. The songs titles themselves are a poem. I need to hear these albums and watch Killer Of Sheep. Thanks for posting this.