Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The Slaughterhouse record is DONE. Expect a very pleasant surprise* when it drops.

If you haven't copped this absolute monster of a single yet, do it now. It is one of the best of the year, with some absolutely vicious Mike Tyson-style lyricism on all ends.


* Joe Budden's solo record was a serious bust (wtf happened Joey?), but it's usually a sure shot when the group huddles up.


Skylar said...

This is exactly what Budden needs, a posse. Seriously if he had more Just Blaze behind him, he'd Just Blow. Up. His freestyles and mixtape shit are real hot. He just doesn't get out there for some reason.

Crooked I opens this track perfectly, I'll be excited when this drops.

Anonymous said...

Joe Budden is totally overrated. He doesnt get any love in jersey city where he claims he is from. I just heard a track from CHi-King from Brooklyn Zu going at him and he really went in on Joey the no hit wonder because pump it up was wack too...