Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Give This To A Blood, Let A Crip Walk On It

New Hov. Technically the first single off The Blueprint 3.

I wonder how Kanye feels about this one after just putting his whole soul into
808s & Heartbreak. Jay basically denounces autotune music, even though he and Kanye were rumored to have put down nearly four mastered tracks for Blueprint in autotune before removing them from the album. Regardless, when Jay speaks, everyone listens. Expect autotune to take a flop after this one. Thank god.



Anonymous said...

glad he didnt realese traks with Kanye whining in vocoderd crap. this is REAL SHIT!

oscar said...

I'm ridiculously excited about this one. The 'Sinatra at the opera, bring a blonde' line is nothing if not pure fire.

Encouraging that auto-tune won't be the direction of the album, too.

Anonymous said...

JAY HASN'T COME OUT WITH A GOOD ALBUM SINCE BLUEPRINT (black album had good PRODUCTION, i'll give it that) I'm SO tired of listening to him. Im not saying retire, Jay. I'm just saying sometimes, when you run out of things to say, you should just stop saying them.

Tayo said...

Yo! Good looks on the Menahan Street Band's The Traitor tip off with regards to Solo Dolo. Although, I don't agree it was complete thievery (see: Diddy).

But back to this song... this Ye vs. Jay shit has been going on for quite awhile. Jay is already known as the king of the subliminals, but Ye already took shots @ Hov before eg. "get that Kobe number, one over Jordan." The entire Big Brother song was on some "you said I couldn't do this, but I showed you" type shit.

Anonymous said...

Autotune screams guido beats. It's all over hip-hop like fucking ebola. What a terrible trend - can't wait for hip hop to regain some of its swagger.