Monday, May 4, 2009

Wu-Tang Redesigns

Though the scope of hip-hop graphic design is far too wide to generalize, it is for sure that it is a field that has not grown or taken the chances it needs to. Cheesy Photoshop techniques, graffiti themes, and braggadocio images have almost always taken the lead to real imagination, smart typography, and design that references classic techniques.

For the last few years my dream has been to bring a whole new flavor to hip-hop design. I was thinking: Why not step out of the box? Create a new vernacular that has nothing to do with the themes that have ruled hip-hop design?

But it looks like designer Logan Walters beat me to it with his new series of Wu-Tang design remixes (almost exactly what I imagine hip-hop design should be doing). Based on the old Blue Note album designs, these are smart, elegant, and straight out of left field, at least when it comes to hip-hop.

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Skylar said...

He's got skills and a great aesthetic. Liquid Swords is my favorite of the new covers. Thanks for posting these homes