Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New De La Soul!?

De La has been working with Nike for a minute now. First was the release of the Nike De La Soul Dunk Hi a few years ago. Now they are dropping the Are You In? running mixtape with Nike next month.

The first track was released today, and man is it a banger. Track of the month hands down. Featuring production that sounds like some of the better joints off AOI, and the usual maximalist De La flow.

Speaking of running mixes, where in the hell is that Full Clip Marathon Man mixtape?



WALEtix said...

WORD, hotness. Thanks DUKES.

Anonymous said...

tite track but did we forget that Nike runs sweatshops in Asia?

we have free music all up the shit now but now its all corporate Medici-style sponsorship now...

i'm not hating on De La for taking the money for making a track specifically for Nike but if a corporation has say over art....

just an interesting situation is all.

achali said...

"it was a challenge"? or, it was like taking orders from your master telling you what type of songs to make?

this aint the de la soul that i love.

Oliver said...

Heard it here first D. Fresh track there from De La.

Seen Jeff Weiss's interview with Pos? Def. worth checking. Let me know if you need the link.

DUKES said...

WALE aka Foote - No dizzout, we back up in the hizzouse, girlies pull ya tits out.

Anonymous - They didnt just make one track, they made a whole album for Nike. It is in the run series which Nike has picked up some seriously good hip-hop artists for, including A-Trak and Aesop Rock. I for one am not completely in agreement that De La should not work with Nike because of the sweatshop issue. Nike's are a staple of hip-hop culture...I think you would be hard pressed to find even the most conscious artists who dont sport Dunks or Air Jordans, or support the Nike movement.

Cant blame em.

Achali - A lot of heads are in agreement with you on the new De La Soul sound. I for one am a huge fan of the Rock Co Kane-like beat on this one and their ability to still spit focused and raw lyrics while they grow out their grey goatees.

Olli - I didnt read Jeff's piece but Ill be sure to hit that MF'r up. If all things had worked out as planned, me and Jeff would be running something far more serious than TFC and/or Passion.


Anonymous said...

the Duke Diggler-

so they made a whole album for Nike and so did a bunch of other cool cats thats still Corporate Patronage. no matter who's doing it don't make it any cooler. If all those cats was working for BlackWat3r would that be forgiveable?

you sez-
"I think you would be hard pressed to find even the most conscious artists who dont sport Dunks or Air Jordans, or support the Nike movement."

first off- calling a corporate push of fashion a "movement" is just sum surreal shit.

secondly- maybe our standards are too low that even the most conscious artists are getting theirs off the cost of others?

p3ace and 1-l0ve


Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

Anonymous said...

well said Natasha