Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reflection Eternal II

In 2000, Talib Kweli & Hi-tek dropped possibly the best hip-hop album of all time (haters welcome to drop a line, but we are right), which I bought for about $50 in Japan the day that it dropped. That album is worth about, say, $300 to me now, or at least I would give up that much if my life depended on it for a final hard copy.

Despite every track on that album being a real gem, Kweli's solo career for years after that was a surprising exercise in mediocrity, while Hi-Tek, after signing with Dr Dre, lost his delicate touch on the boards. In layman's terms, they both became never bad, but never great.

That said, there is a new Reflection Eternal album finished and ready for pressing, outcome TBD. Keep your fingers crossed for the magic to still be there two diverged careers later.



nirav said...

Thanks for posting this track Dukes. I heard this live at the Blue Note and have been waiting until it got an official release.

Totally agree with you regarding Kweli + Hi-Tek. The one thing I will say about Kweli is that his skills as a lyricist have improved since RE. Though his albums were not as focused as RE, his rhymes and flow are significantly more unique and fresh than back in 2000. But I think with RE, his lyrics were more intentful and focused on a topic compared to his solo joints.

DJ Yamin said...

thanks. i think your assesment of their careers is spot on.

dánni said...

i agree with you, it's definitely one of the best albums ever

great blog, loved it