Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playoffs? Playoffs?

NBA playoffs commercial ft Kanye's Amazing. Proficient advertising comes but once a year.


Anonymous said...

stop with the kanye man. his shit is weak. the MCdonalds of MUSIC gives me diarhear.

DUKES said...

I can think of about 300 rappers who are more McDonalds than Kanye.

In my opinion, Kanye is one of the best things that has happened to hip-hop in a long time. His beats are unparalleled, and while many people think he is a weak MC, Im not of that camp.

I didnt like 808s and Heartbreak AT ALL, and am admittedly kind of sick of the path he has taken lately, but he just isnt garbage. I refuse to agree with that (props to your phrase diarhear, however).

Point being:
Just because he blew up and got popular doesnt mean he's McDonalds. His popularity, unlike most famous people in this country, is based on real talent, especially in the realm of beats. He deserves the shine he is getting now.

So if you are feeling the blog, but dont like Kanye, tough shit. Everyone has different taste here and there.

Anonymous said...

McDonalds- yo his werds not mine. 60 minutes check yo Kanye appearances.

if its yo taste no doubt you free to dig that, just makin sure it wasnt cause thats the status quo as of lately.

not sure i see the talent. compared to Miley Cyrus sho' nuff but he is a great collector of other people's talents. he aint making his own threads and kicks - he finds the best. he aint makin his cd cover- he finds the best. dude is a coolhunter and should start a marketing agency and executive produce shit - he knows what he likes and has great taste is different than having talent.

IMHO Real talent is being able to flip your flow to a different beat, dropping different beats without a snare in the same spot everytime, finding something else to sample besides a famous soul cut. bringing something new to the table and taking a chance rather than grabbing at different things as they blow up. 808 and HB is just him jumpin on the TPain boat. Its a mockery. if you think he is real talent then so does Madonna.


DUKES said...

Look at what he did to get where he is. All of those beats off of Blueprint and early Jay-Z are classics. Recent beats like "Barry Bonds" and "Jockin Jay-z" are just pure unadulterated soul samples in there. I dont see how these beats cant be seen as pushing the envelope compared to what most other producers are doing these days.

As far as the style thing/coolhunter thing goes, I get you. But how many cats in hip-hop have interest in architecture, graphic design, art? Also, I think its unrealistic to expect Kanye to design his album covers or make his own shoes. He is there to bring his vision to other people's crafts and collaborate. Im a big fan of that. That is where Air Jordan's came from...the vision between a great athlete (Joran) and a great shoe designer (Tinker Hatfield).

I think this is just a taste disagreement, Ive had it before with lots of people about its probably pointless to go on. Though I could.

Anonymous said...

no doubt its about taste. no disrepkt meant. i dont expcet Kanye to do everything himself, althoughs he seems to be enough of a controlfreq that he should and i dont fault him for having fgreat taste and varied interest - just hear him getting props as having talent 'cause of that shit. grat that he's got taste but that aint what makes someone talented. as for the Jay beats- some of those are throwbacks, some of those were just buying shit thats hot or on the brink of being hot. they push the envelope on POP, on mainstream but that shits been floating the underground for sometime by the time it hits.

Anonymous said...

just 'ave to add dis shit-