Monday, March 30, 2009

Night Of The Living Dope

All you need to be a hip-hop star these days is an ALIFE wardrobe, a YouTube account, a few jacked Dilla beats, and an undying love for spamming bloggers your new "mixtape."

I always assumed CurT@!n$ was one of these annoying cats ... dopey name, uber-hip, not much buzz. But then this hard as nails Night Of The Living Dope video dropped and the kid jumped out in the first 5 seconds like Kardinal Offishall on steroids. I'm already running around my apartment looking for shit to break.

We pop pills like Mor-phe-us
More bank roll than Carlton does.



Oliver said...

See now this is why TFC is one of three Hip Hop centric blogs I still check. Succinct posts, well written, some wit and most importantly good-great tunes.

So I guess I'll probably see more of this dudes music on TFC in the near future!

Finanshall said...

yeah I remember that vid made me feel the same way. but then I listened to his mixtape and they hype kinda faded.. I still fucks with Curtains tho, he's got somn to him

Dukes said...

Thanks for the support Oliver. Youve been here since day one and I appreciate it.

Finan...Im with you. I went and downloaded the mixtape and it was pretty weak. It's strange when cats have the potential for this type of fire and instead come colder than ice [II].