Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kanye Gets Complex

Complex is one of the few large hip-hop magazine's/blogs that is still doing it right. Especially in the most recent issue featuring Kanye.

Yeez has a number of guest spots throughout, including a very dope cover from photographer and CGI artist Chris Milk. (When I first peeped this, even as a designer myself, I couldn't figure out how they had possibly accomplished it.) Apparently Milk scanned Kanye's face and body seperately, and rendered him in the computer for rare visual effect. The above film documents their photo shoot and process.
Inside the same issue is a breakdown of Kanye's new shoe, heavily influenced by Marty McFly, which will finally be available on April 4th due to customer request. Grab your American Express Black Card, these joints are steeply priced at $215. Complex has about 20 images up of the creation of these shoes, from prototypes to sketches and logos. Dont forget to catch the detail of the 3-prong lace loop on the tongue, which is shaped like a "Y".

These are hands down the most inspired and eclectic kicks since the original creation of Tinker's Air Jordans.



Anonymous said...

Nike Air Cheezy, nuf said.

Dukes said...

Excuse me?

Morgan said...

Chris Milk is most prominently known for being a director. Among his credits are Kanye's "All Falls Down" and "Touch The Sky" as well as Gnarles Barkley's "Gone Daddy Gone" and "who's gonna save my soul".