Monday, December 15, 2008

We One Be Lo

Last time I saw or heard from Binary Star, they performed way up in the quiet mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. They trekked up to St John's College to perform some way old material for about 15 white Greek Philosophy students, and probably about two were hip-hop fans.

Since that basically says "Our touring career is handled by an 18 year-old A&R in North Dakota," I just figured they withered up and dried out after that. But no, DUKE, no. One Be Lo is back like he never left, knocking out a new track with a bumping beat courtesy of obscure producer Cadik out of Budapest.

Cadik's new album features guest appearences from Blu, Invincible, Finale, Elzhi, and Phat Kat.



Matty said...

Super dope album and this is one of the better cuts on it. Actually I'd say the first half of the album does it for me more than the second. One Be Lo has such a good flow.

Dukes said...

Ya its good to see the kid back in effect. It's so rare these days to hear a track with no hook, no chorus, dude just lets the beat rock for a minute before he reloads for another verse.

That's my kind of MC.