Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweeping Generalizations With Blockhead

Aesop Rock's leading producer Blockhead is one of my top all-time beat makers, and now possibly my favorite blogger too. How I missed his new weekly blog Sweeping Generalizations With Blockhead over at Def Jux is beyond me...especially since it has been in effect for six months, and completely kicks your blog's ace all over the park.

His essays on everything from why weddings are awful to what it means to be a douchebag are possibly more funny/insightful than the majority of articles at The Onion.

Some of Block's classic reads:

Your Wedding Is Boring And I Hate It
All Men Apple Q
Lil Wayne Is The Most Loved Retard On Earth
Whatever Happened To Prep School Gangsters
What It's Like To Finally Grow Up
How Ladies Can Maintain A Casual Booty Call
Let's Be Realistic People


Anonymous said...

Good one.. although, tough to read without a feed

Oliver said...

That blog is gold

Dukes said...

Where is the Blockhead/Aesop Rock album/blog collabo?

Artists should take over our jobs, run their own blogs, promote their own shit 24-7. Its a mystery why people arent doing it that much (save the real underground cats).