Monday, December 1, 2008

Dj Premier x Pete Rosenberg

Last week my boss had one of these dialogues at the 92nd St Y, just at the same time Magic Johnson was doing one in the auditorium next to us. These talks are mad insightful, and are 100% worth the ticket.

Next Thursday, December 11, at 8:00 pm, Peter Rosenberg will interview DJ Premier at the Y. I will be there for sure. Here's the press release:

"Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg hosts a night of music and conversation featuring famed hip-hop artist and producer DJ Premier, one half of the legendary Gang Starr. Rosenberg will sit down with DJ Premier for a rare one-on-one interview about the life and influences of one of the most creative men in the music industry and screen a never-before-seen video tribute to Premier, featuring special celebrity cameos."

Tickets available here.

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franchise said...

peter, better not fuck up this one like he did with 50 and the one with kanye. it'll be entertaining nonetheless, esp if they talk about each other's porn habits.