Monday, December 1, 2008

Common Has A New Girlfriend

and his new record Universal Mind Control is co-produced by this guy.

This album makes Erykah Badu seem as straight-laced as Barbara Bush and Electric Circus sound as soothing as Mozart. Go find this album, listen to it, and tell me Im wrong. I mean, really:



HowFresh said...

That's not so great to hear. From what I've heard so far that seems to be the case. Thought EC would be a one time deal and that he'd get back to basics. Be was classic and FF had some joints, so I guess we have to look forward to the next release.

I think I'd like this track if Common wasn't on it. All this electro 100+ bpm ish isn't doing it for me.

Rob said...

Agreed. If Com wasn't on this it would definitely find a spot in my highway music collection. Eh, it'll probably make it there anyways. But seriously, he knew the failure that was Electric Circus and still reverts back to that form? Why? Because Be and Finding Forever somehow increased the listening threshold we had around the time Resurrection came out? Well, we can't say we didn't expect this. The Believer better be dope, or he can stick to making movies with mediocre ensemble casts.

Dukes said...

I guess Com gets a feeling and runs with it. Look at all this electro shit blowing up left and right. Even that new Joe Budden and Game track is all synth.

I havent heard one track on this album I would listen to more than 3 times or so, except for maybe the first single which dropped eons ago.

I respect all these people branching out...maybe this is just a phase, or maybe it is a moment when hip-hop redefines itself, and we are just seeing the tip of the sword.