Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kanye x Justice x MGMT

Kanye's a fan of Justice. Im a fan of Kanye and Justice. They are both of course fans of mine so it's all gravy.

If you aren't hip to Justice yet, they are responsible for this high definition thuggery. Their most recent album, †, is pretty much a masterpiece.



smokeYYY said...

† > Graduation.

WordSmith said...

Dopeness. Kanye wishes he could have made beats like that for the new album. He really should stick to hip-hop...I respect him for trying to branch out creatively, but that doesn't mean that its necessarily good music. I listen to singer/songwriter shit and electronica, and I still think this new album sounds pretty wack so far. He should have worked with Justice.

Dukes said...

Who took this down? Show your face, because you are making ALL the wrong moves.

This is off of a FREE album being given away by the Kickdrums on THEIR SITE. They produced this, not you, whoever you are.

Are you from Kanye's label? Because guess what, remixes arent illegal when YOUR artist releases acapellas to be used for that purpose.