Sunday, November 9, 2008

Artist to Watch: Menahan Street Band

More from the best new soul band in town, the Menahan Street Band. If you recall, they were the cats originally sampled on Jay-Z's Roc Boys, so they carry some weight fresh out of the gate. Daptone Records is doing their thing REAL strong right now with these guys, The Budos Band, and Sharon Jones...reviving soul music with that old school New York sound one ear at a time. Above is a video from the recent Daptone Records show in Brooklyn at Southpaw (probably one of the better shows of the year), where Menahan absolutely killed it with Charles Bradley.

Take note that this album is getting the special slot to your right as the album of the week. Cop it.



1 comment:

HowFresh said...

YES. These dudes are the real thing. I was at that show too and unless you were dead there's no way you weren't grooving. Yes- gtooving. The same goes for anybody into music- no way you can't dig it. This shit is infectious. I've been meaning to do something on the album too. These cats deserve to be known. Better yet, real music heads deserve to know about Menahan. Dap Tone Records is one of the most refreshing labels in years.