Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The L Word

I have to somewhat regrettably retract one of my claims about freshman of the year. Though I didn't include Charles Hamilton in my previous assessment of artists who deserve shine, I'm officially bringing Charles in after listening to his new mixtape The L Word, which dropped today. This is one more creative albums I've heard in a lonnnng minute. Apologies to Esk, you ran the gamut on this brother. We owe you for this one.

Download the entire thing, and it's devotion to the L bomb, below.


Download: Charles Hamilton - The L Word


eskay said...

ha ha, every now and then I get something right.

Big Rils said...

To be honest ... you should have exempted B.O.B. from that rant as well. Go see him do his thing live and then tell me he doesn't deserve shine.

Dukes said...

Pop shit and retreat. That's my motto.

And Rils, Ill peep B.O.B. again, though I think Ive given him a fair chance recently.