Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chant Down Babylon, Mid-Term Essays

Shut up, you bumbaclot parents. I gwon do what I gwon do.


Anonymous said...

gggrrr! the video can only be streamed if you're in the US! so do you know if there are other sites that non-USAites can view the video from?

and it's because of your blog that i've discovered raphael saadiq, santogold and others..and got my sweet hands on some more lupe when i trawled through your archive...absolute gold :)

Dukes said...

I bet you could go to NBC's Saturday Night Live site and find it. It is the most recent episode of SNL.

And glad you are getting into some new shit...always hoping to revive and/or continue love for hip-hop.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with talib and mos def, unfortunately they're not that well known here.
Usher, Flo rida et al., are big here *sigh*. So yeah, we are fair deprived of quality music.
and yeah, i found the clip on NBC SNL's site. Thanks :)

What are your thoughts on the beastie boys?