Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bad Meaning Bad

There are a lot of sites out there promoting every single newly released hip-hop song, and frankly, we are BORED TO DEATH with searching through your massive archive of garbage to find one true gem. Why is hip-hop that is so incredibly bad so saturated and prevalent, while everything that is good so few and far between? Is hip-hop getting worse, or are there just too many bloggers peddling junk now?

Let's ask the experts:

• Jeff Weiss explains why the essence of timelessness as an MC is to be consistently good, not "great." This is the most on-point article I have read in possibly forever.

• Dallas Penn develops an actual
mathematical formula to determine how stupid a given hip-hop song is. Then he matches them up to good tracks in a syllabic face off.

• OhWord reviews albums they have never heard before, successfully proving that most hip-hop is completely predictable.

• Juan Epstein drops hour-long podcasts to educated those who would rather listen than read (i.e. the majority of hip-hop fans). 25 episodes strong so don't sleep on the RSS.


RP said...

Phenomenal post my G.

Oh Word needs to get with Juvie and get it right and keep it right.

Dukes said...

Thanks mang. Soon enough.