Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 08

It's about that time. Again. Real hip-hop gets down under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO. I'm excited to see what Raf and Dallas are cooking up this year, but I will be there of course for the acts. Including:

KRS One, DJ Premier, Buckshot, Blu & Exile, Mickey Factz, 88-Keys, J.Period, Fresh Daily, and special surprise guests. What it is.

The official drop is Saturday July 12th, and tickets are $10, though it is a suggested donation, probably in expectation that everyone showing up believes music is completely free. To get you hyped, Mickey Factz and Fresh Daily put this track together specifically for a promo for The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, and it's a straight banger.
Changed my mind GFC, with apologies. This is ridiculous.



Dallas said...

I can't lie homey, but I am not too motivated for this years BHHF. Maybe because I have seen all of these acts except for Blu & Exile.

This week I am fucking hardbody with the Afro Punk festival. The bands are outasight and the bitches are waaaay more better.

Let me know how shit popps off at the BHHF.


Dukes said...

That's what's up.

Well the ICC will be sorely missed. Perhaps I need to get some documentation on my own.

Give the African punk shorties a wink for me.


Gregorio said...


I can't believe you and Raf are not trying to go to the festival. You guys are awesome and the festival will not be the same without you. Even if the lineup doesn't motivate you, you never know who's going to show up.

Brooklyn Bodega

Josh said...

Sounds dope. . . wish I could go.