Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gear Up

Your semi-weekly update on new threads. The early summer edition.

Supreme Striped Parka
I like my gear to make you confused about whether I'm about to take my sailboat out or head to the Little Brother show. Keeps the shorties steady guessin.

ALIFE Saucony Shadow 6000 Package
I can't believe these are only released in 3 colorways of 200 each, because I swear these are the best release of the last 5 years in the entire shoe game. And I don't even usually like Sauconys.

Nike Dunk Nylon Pack
What will sneaker designers think of next? Teflon?
Nike must have a small village of designers & general slaves locked in an unknown basement with every material in the world at their fingertips and Pantone chips blowing all over the place while some Chinese official is shouting obscenities demanding a new release every hour. Make those out of Fiberglass! Pink! Bright yellow! More!

David White iPod Skin
Skins for your iThing are for 15 year-olds, except when you are rocking an original Dave White on that piece.

Frank TJ Fitted
This limited edition New Era has a quote from Thomas Jefferson on the underside of the rim
: "If you would not be forgotten, As soon as you are dead and rotten, Either write things worthy reading, Or do things worth the writing". Working on it Thomas, working on it...

(Shouts to Julian).


RP said...

Those Asics are dope as hell.

You should get them, they'll make you lighter on your feet and potentially able to stay up past 10pm. Also they might be good for that bouncy ball game you like so much.

Dukes said...

You mean Jax?