Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Girl, You So Cold

What do you get when you take the best White Stripes song in history, some new hungry Pacewon, and frustration with trifling shorties?


Pace's new album, The Only Color That Matters Is Green, by the way, is a very pleasant surprise if you are a trunk bumping boom bap fiend (read: True School head and/or friend of mine). You can go preview it over at his MySpace for a sneak peek. If you don't know Pacewon, he used to run with Eminem in the Outsidaz, and was featured on the brilliant Fugees album The Score.

Oh ya, since Pace is from New Jeruz, this is dedicated to all of you NJ women who follow this track line for line.


RP said...

Yo I just got the Nightlife EP again, and it bumps just as hard as it did in high school...GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP!

And that Rah Digga verse is dope to.

I like your link, but really and truly fuck the White Stripes. Coupla incestuous, pasty, flat-chested, no booty middle America weirdos who want to sound like Brian Jonestown Massacre. I ain't lying.

Dukes said...

This track is the least "Pacewon" track on the album, in that it's more in the vain of artists like Spec Boogie and hip cats who use indy rock as samples these days.

Theres a lot of other banging, Premier-like beats on that are probably more up your alley.

I still like the White Stripes son! And have you seen that Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary? Forget the name, but it's actually a very good flick.