Friday, January 23, 2009

Try To Low Ball Me, Do Em Like Joe Torre

Joe Budden is the poster boy for "Has Been" to "Will Be." He began his career as a material-obsessed commercial one-hit wonder, faded to black for years after a complete (inevitable) flop, and then arose in 2008 as possibly one of the best MCs of the year.

How? Well, when the kid woke up from the Rap Game Day Dream, he arrived hungry and sick of the garbage. He denounced Def Jam, Jay-Z, and pretty much every major label, gave up on making hits and kissing ass, and chose hard work and artistry as the route to success (this strategy will never fail, hip-hop. It's the Year of the Ox in '09, so hard work pays off).

He recently released the nearly perfect Mood Musik 3, which has caught a full album remix with the equally inventive and depressed Portishead. This one features a good 9 minutes over one of the better beats of our lifetime. Cop the full Portishead/Joe Budden mixtape available here for further proof.

I'm an artist;
I paint pictures,
I don't just rhyme words.



Mr. Jolla said...

yes sir...this is my favorite rapper by far. And that MM3rd joint is my shit.

Big Rils said...

I'd have to say he "re-emerged" far prior to 2008, as the first Mood Muzik 2 was a huge hit on the interwebs and was released in 2006.

Bumpin said...

If you guys think Budden is making a come-back. How do you feel about the beef between him and Saigon? Ive heard some of the disses and Sai goes hard on Joe.

Dukes said...

I havent been paying attention though its probably a beef worth watching.

Honestly I hate to support these little tricks for album sales (which is all that they are), so I purposefully steer clear.

Matty said...

Budden has a feel that's his own.
I went to his concert recently with Royce and D12. Budden was good but I was hoping he'd do a few songs with Royce... nope. D12 were horrible though. Not that I was hoping for anything from them anyways.