Thursday, May 15, 2008

Man On The Moon

Big shows are usually not my thing, but from what I keep seeing and reading the Glow In The Dark Tour is supposed to be the most innovative thing since the beginning of concerts, perhaps back to prehistoric times. If you don't believe me you can verify it with the good people of The New York Times, who recently reviewed his show at MSG last week:

"The spectacle is framed as a sci-fi space odyssey, with Mr. West as a lone explorer whose starship crashes on an unknown planet. He’s stranded in a landscape of colored lights, billowing smoke — probably enough dry ice to cool Death Valley — and gorgeous, panoramic video images of clouds, galaxies, fireworks and cosmic eruptions."

I haven't seen any really good footage of the tour so how about this excellent clip of Kanye performing at G-Shock's 25th Anniversary party last night ... how I missed this is up in the air and still questionable.

Pics from the show available here.

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