Thursday, April 3, 2008

ATLiens Resurrection

Wowwww. Now THIS is a real mixtape. Every single true master rhyming over ATLiens and Common beats, masterfully blended. I could throw away every other mixtape from the last 5 years for this here gem (who isn't sick of every mixtape since '97 anyway?). This sounds like Tony Touch put this down in his prime, and I ran out and bought it after school on the quickness, along with some PNB & Third Rail gear.

Courtesy of my man DJ Foodstamp, who I have been reading hip-hop reviews from for the last half decade. Big ups man, this is a real gift.

Camp Lo joint = massive play. I'll just drop this one on you and let you do the rest of the work. Note that the link above is the full mixtape.


1 comment:

Woody said...

This shit is hot, I am sure the rest of the mixtape is as well, except the link wont let me download it.