Monday, March 24, 2008

FOX "News" Gets Told

Al Sharpton gets on Fox News and makes Greta Van Susteren look like the uninformed blabbering moron that she and the rest of the propaganda wheel at FOX News are. This smear campaign is so transparent that luckily Obama has bounced back in ratings after being hit hard by this nonsense. I mean really, all you journalists who don't believe in factual reporting (I'm talking to you The Post & FOX), why don't you find another occupation?

Check out hip-hop mogul Davey D swinging at FOX as well on this issue.

I'm going to get blacklisted for this, but Wright is actually fairly intelligent. Definitely smarter than anyone working at FOX. At the very least you should peep his full speech, just to give yourself the privilege of seeing more than the 3 second clips the media keeps throwing out at you.

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