Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're back in business. But we've moved. All posts form this point forward live over at thefullclip.tumblr.com Let's git it.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hustle til my fingers staying cheesy like a Cheeto.

^Where I've been for two years.

by DCide

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vinnie Panzini

We back to eat your heart with a side dish of asparagus.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Radiohead x DOOM

"Like Jake the Snake on mescalines."
^ You said it, DOOM.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Magical Mystery Chambers

^ Cover design by Logan Walters, who has been tearing up the Wu-Tang "remix" cover design projects for a minute.

Since Danger Mouse dropped The Grey Album, every DJ and their mother has been attempting to catch their first break off mashup projects. While some have been mediocre and listenable (see Sinatra x Biggie), most have been overt cases of shitting the bed completely, and have also succeeded in discrediting the mashup as a genre.

So when I first heard of this new project with The Wu and The Beatles, I dismissed it immediately. But, being the music addict I am, I decompressed that .rar file and gave it one full spin. And, man....this is DOPE. Unusual sample choices, banging drums, perfect pairing of Wu verses (how do you make your own beat to work with "Hey Dirtay, baby I got your money!"??...the most offbeat hook ever), and consistency all mark this project.

Composed entirely by Tom Caruana, a completely unknown 28-year-old music teacher and producer from Brighton, England—who thought nothing much would come of it—the album has already seen 30,000 direct downloads, praise from The New York Times, and a shotout on Raekwon's Twitter page claiming the album is "completely ill". I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this project gets this kid some serious work, if not with the Wu, then with some cats of similar caliber.

I don't even get/like The Beatles and have been bumping this nonstop since I got it.

Full album here.



Caruana is planning his next attack with a mashup album between Dr Dre and The Rolling Stones, inevitably influenced by this.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Moleskine,

This isn't out yet, but expect it to be on Act II (the next official Jay Electronica x Just Blaze EP, featuring multiple cameos from Nas). The beat is so dope, and Im looking forward to this single, but isnt it a direct cop from De La Soul's Sunshine? How can Just Blaze say he produced it?

Regardless, Act II is coming soon, despite the fact that it is already two weeks late from its release date. Just Blaze mentioned in an interview yesterday that it is just being mastered since Nas was, as usual, late with his verses.

In the meantime&inbetweentime, for all my iPhone users, here's the iPhone formatted ringtone.

Sent from my flip phone



Baron Davis x J Dilla

Pretty much every day as I stomp through New York on the way to my daily basketball game I listen to this track at least twice.


Apparently Baron Davis is on the same shit. Except he traveles from The Brooklyn Bridge to Times Square, dribbling the whole time,
and happens to encounter a few more important people on the way. Includes cameos from Jim Jones, Common, and Irv Gotti (<- totally unnecessary).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The More Revolutions Per Minute, The Better

All you Biggie and Tupac stans can hate all you want on this, but Train of Thought is the best hip-hop album of all time. Based on what I have heard from the new Reflection Eternal album, Kweli and Hi-Tek are poised to drop an equivalent gem of an album on February 16th.

Here's a new track off of Statik Selektah's Reflection Eternal mixtape, which I believe will be featured on the official version of Revolutions Per Minute. This gives me faith that these guys haven't skipped a beat since '00.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gucci, Mane

Nota bene:
Anyone who says "My watch is so stupid I can't tell what time it is"
over a Diplo beat gets automatic shine on TFC, plus their own personalized Get Out of Jail Free Card.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Wu '10 Clan

Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface have a group album coming out in the next few months. Which is great, mostly because Cappadonna, U-God, Blue Raspberry Blackberry Stir Fry and the rest of the 90 other Wu members no one cares about are nowhere to be found.

Anyway, this trifecta doesn't yet have a group name, despite being in the studio and knocking out quite a bit of the album. They decided to opt to the fans, and you can currently text MethRaeGhost to 66937 if you have a name for the group in mind, and will be properly rewarded if your suggestion is chosen. My first thought was something like Bed Pan Clan, but then I heard this new joint, and reneged. These dudes somehow figured out how to rhyme like '94 again.


Oh and suggestions for the group name are definitely welcome in the comments section. The best one on their Myspace site is: Ironman, Iron Chef, and the Iron Lung. With the addition of two complete wtfs: 1) Docktor Jeep and the Collagen Kidnappers!; 2) The P Tone Experience ft. Tical Diamonds

Monday, December 28, 2009

Zion I-tis

Things that make me happy:

• B-boy anthems
• Nina Simone
• Drums that sound like buckets in the subway
• B-boy anthems with subway buckets that are based entirely on Nina Simone classics



Monday, December 14, 2009

Goings On About Town

^ Full Clip supporter No-mas animates Dock Ellis' taking of LSD while pitching a no-hitter.

• Lil Wayne uses all the drugs in Mexico.
• College football players are really into narcolepsy.
• Omar from The Wire talks life outside the show.
• Dame Dash gets Mos Def rocking again.
• Tracklist to Jay-Z's new 40th birthday mixtape.
• After decades of misses, Adidas gets it right.
• NYC cop and hip-hop CD hustler have a shootout on 42nd st.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stumblebum Brass Band

I just saw these cats in the subway and they are hands down my new favorite band above or below ground. They are a true old school NYC LES act...rapid-fire yet guttural vocalizations, ferocious trumpet playing, raunchy and rough basslines...everything my neighborhood represents in personality, sound, and appearance.

I did a bit of Googling when I got home, and despite feeling bad for them being so talented and stuck with the rats, I realized that they have performed with The Roots, in addition to being booed off the always awful America's Got Talent (thank god...if David Hassellhoff and his posse of zealots liked this I would unpost it).

Currently there are no mp3s of their music available unless you buy their CD for $10 on the L train platform. But I guarantee you will be hearing more from them in the future.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Meanest Thing I'd Never Say

I've been wondering where El-P and Def Jux have been lately. But then I realized, oh, they're are just holed up in a tiny Brooklyn apartment for weeks on end writing incredibly complex, poetic, depressingly dope songs about pain and loss. Silly me.

This isnt brooklyn,
its a colony of wayward bees without a queen
and we are not people,
more like sims controlled by childish deities,
but see we're alive now,
and thats not time we're wasting, nah this is life
and you're so pretty,
like the gleam off that blade when you slipped my ribs the shivy,
this aint a breakup,
i like to think of it as a stay of execution,
and thats not the air im clearing,
its the wispy trails of our cumulus pollution,
and thats not despair you're feeling,
its the petchulant reaction of a wounded child
and thats not the door im looking at,
its an escape hatch to this zeppelin we're inside...

You're not a woman,
you're a piranha with cutlery for dentured up smile
and i'm not a man,
i'm an incomplete punchline to a joke i dont understand,
that's not your diary,
it's a cookbook and i'm you're favorite chapter when you're bored
and thats not a love letter,
its a recipe for the same slop you've served before
this aint an insult,
its the clearest truth i've ever had the misery to speak
but these arent words,
these are the terms of my surrender and defeat
but i'm not sorry,
beyond the sorry nature of existing with no plans,
please dont touch me.
just wave goodbye with that claw thats not a hand.
did I mention that I...


Monday, December 7, 2009

K-Os Wishes He Was Me

For the record, I went on a date with Natalie Portman when I was 15. How you like them apples, Superstar?


Saturday, December 5, 2009

All About My Bills Like Buffalo

^ This is the entire new Lil Wayne documentary, The Carter, which won multiple awards at Sundance, and is absolutely worth a full viewing.

Apparently Wayne's people pulled their support for the project
a week or two after it premiered, and although most of the film is positive, it's easy to see why. Aside from the blatant display of his drug habit and neglect of his daughter, the film accurately captures the insanity of Wayne's superstar status: unending interviews, recording, shows, syrup and weed, and the consequent lack of friendships or real relationships that surrounds it all. His only real friend, his tour manager, calls Wayne out on all of this too, which doesn't really help the cause.

Still, aside from the negatives, there's a lot to respect about Wayne after seeing this. His work ethic and dedication to his craft trumps 99% of the people on the planet (of course quality and quantity don't quite sync in Wayne's portfolio, but whatever). His energy and enthusiasm for the game is also unmatched, especially after everything is said and done the dude probably sleeps 1 hour a week.

And he still makes shit that I like, which I can't quite figure out yet. Off the new mixtape No Ceilings, yadig?:


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cinco Banking

Your wife's new legal name is TAARGUS TAARGUS. Is this okay?

The best show on television second to The Office, is the newly-discovered Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. If you haven't seen this yet you need to cop a bag of Pineapple Blueberry Express and get to it. Also great next to Cinco Banking is The Cinco Phone series.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back Bitches

Ya I done been gone. What of it? I'm just following in the footsteps of those before me. The Black Sheeps, Souls of Mischiefs, and Ricky Williams' of the world who disappear without a trace to drive cabs or smoke weed at massage school, then arbitrarily reappear to kill it.

I got the turtleneck in Turkestan. -




PLUS!: Remeet Ricky Williams, if you haven't met him already.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I clearly dont have enough time or energy for the blog lately. So let's try something new. No talking. Just what Im digging at the moment....this blog is about tastemaking for the most part anyway, so if youve been following for long enough, who cares what I have to say anymore?