Monday, January 11, 2010

Wu '10 Clan

Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface have a group album coming out in the next few months. Which is great, mostly because Cappadonna, U-God, Blue Raspberry Blackberry Stir Fry and the rest of the 90 other Wu members no one cares about are nowhere to be found.

Anyway, this trifecta doesn't yet have a group name, despite being in the studio and knocking out quite a bit of the album. They decided to opt to the fans, and you can currently text MethRaeGhost to 66937 if you have a name for the group in mind, and will be properly rewarded if your suggestion is chosen. My first thought was something like Bed Pan Clan, but then I heard this new joint, and reneged. These dudes somehow figured out how to rhyme like '94 again.


Oh and suggestions for the group name are definitely welcome in the comments section. The best one on their Myspace site is: Ironman, Iron Chef, and the Iron Lung. With the addition of two complete wtfs: 1) Docktor Jeep and the Collagen Kidnappers!; 2) The P Tone Experience ft. Tical Diamonds


Anonymous said...

dope track. 94 steez fa sho.
I wonder if they are still trying to hold on to the Wu persona, ya know? Like, you cant be Wu without Wu in the name somewhere right?

How bout TriDecaWu - 3 members, New Decade, New Wu.
My 4 yr old said they should be the 3 Wusketeers hah.

Anonymous said...

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WordSmith said...

The 3 Wusketeers is hilarious. None of the other names I've seen are really that good...hope they don't pick something stupid. The song is fire though.

Shanti Addict said...

The Nocturnal Bees would be a dope name,fits well...

Conrad said...

Gotta be Chef WallabeLung or Wu Koof (cause their about to wake up the game once again!!!!
This is without doubt bad ass head nodding, foot stomping music.
Welcome back to the real deal!!!!

Anonymous said...

3 Wu-Men and a Baby.