Sunday, January 31, 2010

Magical Mystery Chambers

^ Cover design by Logan Walters, who has been tearing up the Wu-Tang "remix" cover design projects for a minute.

Since Danger Mouse dropped The Grey Album, every DJ and their mother has been attempting to catch their first break off mashup projects. While some have been mediocre and listenable (see Sinatra x Biggie), most have been overt cases of shitting the bed completely, and have also succeeded in discrediting the mashup as a genre.

So when I first heard of this new project with The Wu and The Beatles, I dismissed it immediately. But, being the music addict I am, I decompressed that .rar file and gave it one full spin. And, man....this is DOPE. Unusual sample choices, banging drums, perfect pairing of Wu verses (how do you make your own beat to work with "Hey Dirtay, baby I got your money!"??...the most offbeat hook ever), and consistency all mark this project.

Composed entirely by Tom Caruana, a completely unknown 28-year-old music teacher and producer from Brighton, England—who thought nothing much would come of it—the album has already seen 30,000 direct downloads, praise from The New York Times, and a shotout on Raekwon's Twitter page claiming the album is "completely ill". I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this project gets this kid some serious work, if not with the Wu, then with some cats of similar caliber.

I don't even get/like The Beatles and have been bumping this nonstop since I got it.

Full album here.



Caruana is planning his next attack with a mashup album between Dr Dre and The Rolling Stones, inevitably influenced by this.


Merete Magnus Bröllop said...

Good stuff! Just found your blog, great to hear some good hiphop. You should have a pod cast, good hiphop these days are hard to find.

Keep up the good work!

found a mix tape about cops you might like.

Graham I. Haynes said...

A friend of mine has been raving about this. Excited to pop it in the deck and give it a listen.