Friday, September 25, 2009

In With The New

As a little experiment, things are going to change 'round here. Starting with: enough of these time-consuming single-song posts. They are boring for you and tedious for me to write.

So now we're going to hit you with a theme, and a number of songs that fit into that. You get the option of downloading them individually, or downloading them as a single zip file. This optio is akin to just trusting me that whatever Im posting is killing whatever else any other blog/friend/wifey/Pitchfork idiot is trying to sell you.

So without further ado, Theme #1:
Groups or artists that catch hate that are making dope shit.
Steady rotation at the new palace:


Ya I know this kid was on Degrassi High as a child, is from Canada, and is more overhyped than Color Me Badd in the 90s, but I cosign him 100% with a straight Idontgiveafuck. This is one of my favorite beats ever, and Drake just completely nukes it. Plus dude said "You just mad cause your girl's at my house with her tongue sticking out like a Michael Jordan rookie card."


The Cool Kids have always been a bit of a gimmick for the new generation. They're on that "Hey look at us we're so throwback" shit that all the 16 year-olds are doing right now, even though there's no reference point...

Oh wait, what? This is basically the new Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff "Summertime" joint for '09? My bad, guys.


It's funny how time doesn't fly when I'm listening to any other 50 song.


The last dude getting unnecessarily hated on right now is Barack Obama. WTF is wrong with you people? Just look at that smile.


Lnko said...

dig the new style...something refreshing in the blog world of mimicry...looking forward to more

The illDefined said...

nice idea man. will definitely add a more cohesive and interesting twist to the site. your commentary/insight is killer as is, this gives you more room to use it.

J-Mass said...

Obama owns one tie.

Anonymous said...

the ill shit. dig.

WordSmith said...

Yes indeed...TFC is always ahead of the curve. Or maybe just off of the curve and chillin on a better one.

Rod said...

The new is starting to seem like the old... not that it was bad, but too long between posts! guess u have to go by what the industry gives

JanuskieZ said...

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