Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wale x Apple Juice Kid

Apple Juice Kid is a relatively new name on the production scene, but within the last year has produced the new Camp Lo EP, as well as that excellent Miles Davis remix project. He's flexed skills mostly on jazz beats thus far, but is proving with this new African dance beat for Wale that he's got much more fire in the future.

Got more green than Whole Foods.
- Wale Faloren



Matty Andres said...

Interesting song. Better than most of his last mixtape. I was looking forward to that one and I maybe made it through one spin(same with Slaughterhouse). He needs more Ronson produced songs.

ekushhhhh said...

full clip - love the blog and the set up of each post. mad kudos for the smooth song links! i like how you add your on opinion of each song..

WordSmith said...

Man, Apple Juice Kid is killing it, and Wale really does have a knack for making catchy, complicated shit. Nice post.