Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remix Contest: Heart & Soul of NYC

Red does his thing on this one, but couldn't Pete have dialed up Nas to make this a gold classic? Imagine God's Son spitting that mellow flow inbetween the "heart & soul of New York City" sample...modern Illmatic.

I'm looking for one good producer to find this instrumental, a good BPM Nas acapella, and mixitup (© Mick Boogie). I know the instrumental exists because Young Buck used this beat in addition to Red Cafe, so it's out there. The winner will receive a direct link to your website from TFC, a "Producer's Spotlight" post, and some possible shine.


Edit: My man E-Torn hit me up with his remix with Nasir. He didn't find the beat (I couldn't either) but mixed it off just the first few bars with some turntable additions. Check it at
They Control Us.


Skylar said...

I like the piece of bongo in there.

Anonymous said...

im on it

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Heart and Soul of My Country

You Don't Have to Love Me said...

this song is dope

Elijah said...

thanks for the link through and posting the track! there was like 4 bars of instrumental before the track fades out so grabbed that and chopped it up. i can post that if anyone wants it too.

i didnt want to stop mixing it and added in some Cru for good measure...maybe a longer mix in the future.

Anonymous said...

j.armz - who wants to be an mc #50
(instrumental mixtape)

track 14 - young buck - the ny