Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just An Ordinary Day

Not sure who exactly Hollyweerd is, and B.O.B. isn't an automatic cosign, but this one could be straight off Aquemini. If the south keeps putting out this kind of smooth Nappy Roots x Outkast x Arrested Development-esque (!) material like this, the east might just stay losing in '09.

Name the last known album the poet at the end of this track is on, and receive some free dap.



Skylar said...

I like 'Kast, The Kunx, Bun, and older screw music, as well as those groundbreaking older Geto Boys albums. Occasionally David Banner comes through with something of merit. Mostly though it's all snap and clap boring shit down there.

Skylar said...

Kunx is Knux

Cordell said...

is it liberation off of aquemini?

WordSmith said...

Tight song. To my knowledge, the last album Big Rube was on is is Dirty Acres by CunninLynguists.

Incredible Hawkes said...

I like this, I don't know the last album Big Rub was on but I do know that he did that poem on Def Poetry and that to was last time I've heard the dude