Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Break Room: Whitest Boy Alive

Aside from this song being the perfect remedy to accompany today's weather, it's also pretty much our favorite non-hip-hop song of the month. And now with this video...ya huh.

After watching creative shit like this appear for pretty much every indie genre other than hip-hop, Im left with the burning question: Why don't hip-hop videos take chances like this? We can all agree Rik Cordero's videos are boring and trite, right? And that every other hip-hop video director has the same intentions and ideas, for the most part. How dope would it be if real artists, animators, and designers could lend a hand to hip-hop videos to make them some [finally] thought-provoking pieces of art?

Handrawn animation by Geoff McFetridge, who we like lots aside from this.



Rik Cordero said...

I think I may disagree on every video of mine being boring and trite. I do agree however, that more animators and designers should contribute something to Hip Hop though. Dope video.

DUKES said...

Perhaps I need to get more familiar Rik. Im a tough critic. Fill me in on some of your projects you think I will dig, and I will reassess.

polk said...

dukes: how did you celebrate record store day? check out any cool shops?

2hermano said...

There are plenty of us urban artists ready to collaborate.

2hermano said...

Here's a good one for Talib Kweli featuring artist Kofie 1:

Matt said...

There are plenty of truly creative hip-hop videos out there, just gotta look:

Deepspace 9mm by El-P
Fast Cars by Aesop Rock
Drumroll by P.O.S.

WordSmith said...

Anything Zia like every Blue Scholars and Common Market video. They all look incredible.