Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Solid Gold

^Now you know where the tape goes.

14KT is straight out of the future. Or at least the future that I hope for. You know the one I'm talking about: there is no recession, no war, all women rock rare colorways of Air Max 90s with black tights, I drive an Audi A4 turbo, everyone listens to real soulful hip-hop...

Heavy rotation in the lab this afternoon. As the lady is fond of saying these days: mmmmhmmmm:



Paypercut said...

Fantastic mang.
Keep 'em coming, i visit TFC almost everyday.

Zilla Rocca said...

I ordered this CD last month after you put 14KT's shit up a while back at one of the remaining mom and pop's left in Philly. Gonna scoop it tomorrow.

Dukes said...

Good looks Paypercut...and Zilla, this is worth your dime. As Im sure you can already tell. Also get the track he did with Nico Redd, I think its called Ur Mine or something.

Can't wait for more collabos with him. I know he did one of those new Jay Electronica tracks that FWMJ dropped on Scratches and Demos.

Dukes said...

Oh and Im heading to Philly tomorrow after work. Maybe Ill see you out. Ill be the guy with the huge gold cassette logo painted on my forehead.

Zilla Rocca said...

Haha! I'll be with a lady friend in Manayunk at a place called Union Jack's, home of the best burger ever made. Hit me up if you need ideas. I'll be the walking around with a .38 in my pants and a Bond girl licking my face.