Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talib Kweli, BKMC

Some new Kweli that appeared on DJ Premier's radio show Hip-Hop Nation the other night.

Though Kwe seems to have been perpetually falling off for the last five years (maybe longer), this jawn sounds like a classic late-90s throwback. Add on the
tight cuts and "P-p-p-p-premier" drops, and you might mistake this for a whole different decade.


Who remembers when Premier used these same drops on New York Reality Check 101 back in '97? That album was a staple. If you don't know, NOW YOU KNOW. <- That one's a straight gift.


Don Leon said...

I been saying the same thing bout Kweli for a while now and cats act like it's BLASPHEMY to question the man's skills.

This joint was lovely though, dl-ing that premier .rar now.

Incredible Hawkes said...

YOOoooO! I was looking for this Preemo joint for awhile I used to have the CD and somebody got me for it ....Props! for this

Dukes said...

Don...ya Kweli used to be my favorite MC back in the Reflection Eternal days, and since then has steadily sounded more and more laissez faire to me. He's off beat, unfocused in topic, pretty blah. People always give me the same shit, esp. since most people liked Quality and to me that was the beginning of the end.

Incredible...no doubt. Good to know that people frequenting this site know material like this. But also bad to know because it means most of you have more knowledge than I do, and I might be under more scrutiny than I thought.


People have always said I'm a hater, but I wasn't ever really satisfied with Talib after the Fortified Live 12 inch...

Plus his live show sucks. he don't hold the mic right. ask him about the time my crew straight stole the show in Bmore the night ODB died.

Upset The Setup said...

that said this shit is BANGING. whoa. time machine

Leclipdujour said...

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