Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Joseph Budden: Working On A Classic

Im a big Joey Stan. I'm finally ready to admit it. He is possibly the most lyrically versatile and hungry MC out right now period. On top, tell me how many MCs--no, Americans--aren't duped by the fairy tale of becoming a rich and famous. Not many. You have to respect the man's wisdom:

If I was Kanye I wouldn't have these problems...
But then I'd have Kanye's problems.

^ Lord knows Yeezy's knee deep these days, while Joey seems to be doing just fine.


Speaking of Kanye and Joseph, we have a nice remix of Good Morning on the recent Joe Budden/Slaughterhouse beat. A little bonus for the real heads:


And yes, you need the original too, probably one of the most lyrically strong tracks of 2008. Featuring Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9", and Crooked I. This is a modern classic:



Mr. Jolla said...

*Respect Meter just shot up*

Joe Budden is my favorite emcee point blank period...in my book, he's 1, and Blu is 1A.

Oh that Good Morning Remix is dope shit though...matches perfect as hell.

Zilla Rocca said...

Was kinda disappointed Joell didn't at least do his verse for "Move On" last Friday here in Philly, but at least I got to hear "Onslaught" acapella. Great post, my dude

V said...

jump off jo beezy is so slept on, good lookin. mood muzik 3 is insane.

AaronM said...

Damn, the Kickdrums killed both these beats. Forgot how dope "Classic" is.

Don Leon said...

Oh, i fux with Joey B. Waiting on that Slaughterhouse album, let's get it.

"I'm the shit, man/
and yall ain't even passin gas"


Joell get down as well