Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Hip-Hop Question, Vol 1

The Full Clip will be running an obscure weekly hip-hop question every weekend. The correct answer will be provided when someone guesses correctly, or whenever you all collectively admit defeat.

This week's question:

What Clint Eastwood film has the original vocal sample from the beginning of Hi-Tek's album Hi-Teknology? The sample in question is: "One thing I dont understand is Hi-Tek. I can't wait to introduce you to him."



Mr. Jolla said...

I believe it's Dirty Harry

Dukes said...

Wow this question idea isnt working.

Mr. Jolla said...

lol a "nope that's not it" would've sufficed

Dukes said...

Sorry man... didnt mean it like that at all. I meant only one answer to a post with a question.

Thanks for the response though. Appreciated.

Erik said...

In the Line Of Fire

Dukes said...

Good work E. In The Line Of Fire is correct. If it wasnt a recession, there would be a reward.