Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Full Clip Is Reloading

Sorry for the lack of updates but I:

1) Am completely bored with hip-hop right now.
2) Am even more bored reading other peoples boring blogs about the same boring hip-hop.
3) Am a little concerned about being on the computer 15 hours a day some days.
4) Am getting healthy again.

Dont go anywhere, Im not quitting. Just letting you know what's up. Peace to all of you supporting the site regardless.



the_dunce said...

i feel u.. i feel u. do wat u gotta do.

Nels L said...

a coworker just sent me a link to the jay-z/santogold track on jake davis' blog, which was linked to your blog. your reach is wide. don't stop now.

Anonymous said...

i am disappointed.

you're bored of Blu? and Exile's upcoming album?

you have let me down

WordSmith said...

Hahahaha..."you have let me down"? Wow. Listen man...don't force it. Post when you're inspired to post. 15 hours a day in front of the comp cant' be good for anyone. This is still my favorite music blog on the internet it's good to know you aren't gonna quit.

Anonymous said...

Niggaz on the left
Hoodz on the right
Punkz in the back
Let your feet stomp

shortman said...

dont feel oligated to hip-hop, do you.

you know good music. im sure your well aware that there are some crazy albums (em,exile,hopefully jay elect and detox, etc.)coming in '09. and some artists (blu, jay elect, c. hamilton, black milk) basically keepin the real essence of hip-hop alive.

upsetthesetup said...

just keep it moving full clip!

Matt said...

It happens meng! I get hip hop tired sometimes but then I just listen to something else for a bit or some classic old school beats. But I always come back to it... still something that hip hop does for me that no other music can do.

Hza said...

bored w/ HH? of course you are. no one's trying anything interesting. as such...