Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freshman Producer's of 2009 (So Far)

Here we have the two most impressive instrumental opuses of the new year.

First producer on deck is the highly slept on 14kt. Though he has been around for a long minute as a producer for the Athletic Mic League, his most recent magical album
The Golden Hour is going to begin to turn heads immediately in his direction from this point on. Expect Jay Electronica and Big Pooh to have his beats sooner than later (source: Twitter). This entire album is a must have, with original sounds deeply influenced by Dilla himself and Flying Lotus.



Secondly we have Exile, Blu's tour de force. This one off his new album
Radio. You already know what it is Le Full Clipe, I will spare the plug.



Anonymous said...

14KT all day every day*

Dukes said...

Vimby jacked this from me and now its everywhere.

Is it not possible to at least seem ahead of the curve.

Thanks for the no props Vimby. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

two other dudes left comments over at vimby saying it got jacked from them haha.. everyones trying to collect props

Dukes said...

One of them was me not signing in to Vimby.

Its kind of juvenile of me...not like I make music, I only distribute it, so its kind of corny honestly.

Still pissed me off regardless.

Rob Modest said...

Dukes, when you get the chance dip into me and my boy Jay's blog on Cold Legistics 'Deeper Than You Think' instro-album.

Kinda reminds me of Ayatollah's 'Listen'. Deja Vu and Finding Daisy Jane are on repeat. Definitely worth a listen.

On another note, Exile's Radio is ridiculous. Seeing that dude live is a privilege.

polk said...

yo dukes, just droppin in on a saturday morning. thx for the beats.