Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Deuce Double Aught Nine

You probably dont know Mike Slott yet, because I barely do either, but let's make a simple introduction. He's Irish. He lives in NYC. He has a dope remix to Flying Lotus' classic Roberta Flack track. Check, check, and check.

He also has the track of the month here at TFC (so long as nothing drops in the next 12 hours and 10 minutes). CHECK! Bump it while you crack the bubbbbly in the double aught nine.

You rockin with a star tonight.



Dart Adams said...

Mike Slott's the dude! I'm playing "Knock Knock" and "My Lightbridge" as I type this very sentence.


Zilla Rocca said...

DistantStarr of MAGr is in the Rap Pack (2ew Gunn Ciz + MAGr + Clean Guns). He's cool with Slott, and Hudson Mohawke. Hit me up if you want to hear more from my homie Distant. Happy New Years Duke!

2ew Gunn Ciz said...

Haha I killed this as hypeman in San Diego! Ask about us! D. Starr aka Sammy Distant Jr!

Public said...

those are my homies right there... I gotta little tune from MAGr (Distant Starr + Al Mighty) called Spike Lee, also produced by Mike. Get at me in you wanna hear it Duke. A lot more to come from these guys in 09.