Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mos Definitely Dilla

1) Mos rips a monster freestyle over one of Dilla's beats from Pay Jay at a sold out show in Paris. This beat, or it's next of kin, needs to be on the next Mos album.

2) Two classics make friends:



Dukes said...

Yo Dukes, that is don't nobody care about us by Phat Kat.

Wicked tune

Dukes said... - check it

Anonymous said...

Full Clip, quit blogging about Dilla if you don't know what you're talking about. There's no album called "Pay Jay" (just an internet invention) and that music, as homie above me says, came out on a classic single years ago.

Dukes said...

According to everyone and their mother when this surfaced:

Pay Jay, the unreleased album that Dilla recorded for MCA Records, surfaced in bootleg form in 2008. Originally conceived as the album showcasing Dilla's skills on the microphone, the bootleg version contained production by Dilla as well as Kanye West, Waajeed, Bink!, Supa Dave West, Nottz, ?uestlove, Karriem Riggins, and Pete Rock

Whether or not this was an "internet invention" lots of people copped this and it was titled and announced. Whether or not it was a bootleg I dont care. But keep "challenging" my facts.

And ya...that Phat Kat joint was a CLASSIC. Ask around. Everyone will agree with you.


Dukes said...

And my name isnt Full Clip. Get your facts straight.

Dukes said...

Last point if you come back here "Anonymous":

Mos says "Pay Jay" about 10 times in this, and isnt that coincidental that it happens to be a beat on that one too. Maybe you should go to Mos Def's Myspace page and tell him to stop rapping about Dilla.