Friday, December 12, 2008

The Break Room: Bon Iver At Town Hall

^ Obviously no footage of the show available yet.

Last night I had the great pleasure of attending Bon Iver's sold out, immaculately perfect show at Town Hall.
It was their second consecutive sold-out performance in NYC in two days, but still probably their best.

Aside from all the beautiful, sensitive, artistic, Williamsburgy women packed in one grand space all at once, which is dreamlike as it is, this show was like being in a great one hour dream. It was comparable to the classic Dylan concert at Carnegie Hall in ' singer, silence from the audience, every word calculated.



The highlight of the show was the cresendo into an encore of Wolves, where Vernon asked us all to sing, at first softly, the chorus. Then we were to continue the chorus all the way until the end, until finally about all 400 people were screaming this beautiful song all at once...reverberating throughout the grand auditorium at Town Hall. It was exactly like the last minute and a half of this video, but with about 380 more people.


After a standing ovation, the lights came up, and not one person didnt have a huge smile on their faces. I actually felt so high when I left that the sideways freezing rain of Mt Everest, I mean NYC, barely made a dent in my mood.


V said...

dude you should've posted that under upcoming shows!

Dukes said...

My bad. I figure (and the ratings show) that most people only care about hiphop on here. I will in the future.